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Aussietravelcover worldwide travel insurance has been providing Australians with travel insurance products since 1982 and is currently underwritten by Allianz.

Aussietravelcover International Travel Insurance

Aussietravelcover has five optional levels of cover ranging from Top Plus cover through to Budget cover. All levels of cover have the identical medical cover but vary in most other categories of cover such as cancellation and luggage cover. This gives you the opportunity to purchase the cover for your specific travelling scenario and may save you some money by doing so. All Aussietravelcover international premiums are calculated based on which region you will be spending the majority of your time during your trip e.g. Europe, Asia, USA etc.
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Aussietravelcover Annual Travel Insurance

An Aussietravelcover Annual Multi Journey policy is ideal if you travel frequently for business or for leisure. It provides twelve months of comprehensive cover for unlimited international travel as well as for domestic trips within Australia so the more you plan to travel the more you will save. The annual policy allows for a maximum duration per trip for leisure travel of 45 days and a maximum of 90 days for each business trip. You can also purchase an add on policy if your leisure trip is more than 45 days. You have three multi journey policy options to choose from; Top Plus, Top and Basic cover. You can purchase an annual multi journey policy if you are up to the age of 74 years at the time of the issue of the policy.

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Aussietravelcover Domestic Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for your domestic trip within Australia is sometimes overlooked. As we all have either Medicare or Private Health Insurance there is no medical cover included in a domestic travel insurance policy. However, you should not overlook the importance of having cancellation cover, luggage cover, personal liability cover and importantly if you are hiring a car, rental vehicle excess cover. Having the rental vehicle excess cover included in your travel insurance alone may save you a substantial amount. There is $4,000 RVE cover in a top domestic policy and $,2000 RVE cover in a Basic domestic policy.

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Aussietravelcover Non-Resident Travel Insurance

Non-Resident Travel Insurance is designed for travellers temporarily visiting Australia. It provides comprehensive cover for the entire trip including en route to and from Australia. Importantly it provides unlimited medical and hospital expenses* and unlimited emergency medical assistance/evacuation*. To purchase a policy you must be spending the majority of your time in Australia and must be aged 85 years and under. You can also extend the policy if you decide to stay longer in Australia than originally planned. If you are have already arrived in Australia you can still purchase a policy but with a 48 hour waiting period for medical cover.

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Aussietravelcover for Australians Already Overseas

If you are already overseas it is often difficult as an Australian to purchase or extend your travel insurance. That is where we can help you as Aussietravelcover allows Australians already overseas and returning home to easily purchase a policy. The policy is almost identical to a policy you can purchase in Australia other than there is a 48 hour waiting period for medical cover from the date of issue of the policy and there is no cover for Pre-existing medical conditions. We help Australians overseas on a daily basis and we find the best way for you to contact us is by way of the blue detailed quote button at the top of the page. Just complete the form with your details and travelling scenario, email it to us and we will email you an accurate quote with all the details you need to know.

In the interim please click on the Aussietravelcover PDS to read the specific already overseas section on pages 31 & 32. A summary of the benefits of the policy can be read here.

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It is important to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions in the Aussietravelcover PDS before purchasing.

*Certain plans do not provide cover under these sections of the Policy while you are travelling in your country of Residence. Please refer to pages 36 to 54 of the PDS for details.