CHI Travel Insurance – Save 25%

CHI Travel Insurance or Comprehensive Holiday Insurance has been providing travel insurance to Australians for over 30 years. That experience combined with their policies being underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited are some reasons why many Australians are comfortable purchasing CHI Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance Services offer the full selection of policies from CHI Travel Insurance that range from Top Plus Comprehensive International cover to Budget International cover all at competitively discounted premiums. If you happen to be an Australian already overseas and returning home you can choose from any of the International polices. If you are a Non Resident visiting Australia or just looking for an Australia Only policy then CHI Travel Insurance also have these policies in their suite of products.


Comprehensive Travel Insurance for International Travel

CHI Travel Insurance offer a range of comprehensive travel insurance policies for travellers going overseas. The cover ranges from Top comprehensive Cover to a budget cover for those cost conscious travellers. Importantly all the International policies have identical medical cover but the limits on some other categories of cover do vary. It is important to compare the benefits of all the internation plan options before choosing which policy to purchase..

CHI Travel Insurance for Cruising

CHI Travel Insurance has been providing Travel Insurance for the cruising community for a long time. They have been prominent on the websites of a number of leading cruise brands.

If you are planning an international cruise then you must choose the destination where you will spending the majority of your time on your entire itinerary. If you are planning a domestic cruise you must purchase a policy as if you are going on a SW Pacific cruise even if the cruise is a short three day cruise or a ‘cruise to nowhere’. By purchasing a SW Pacific policy for a domestic cruise you will  ensure that you have medical cover on board.

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To compare the benefits of all the CHI Travel Insurance policy options please click on CHI Product Disclosure Statement for more details. 

CHI Travel Insurance for Frequent Travellers

CHI Travel Insurance have a Frequent Traveller policy that may be beneficial to you if you have a number of trips planned in a twelve month period. It has Top Plus, Mid and Basic Cover options. The Frequent Traveller policy will cover you for unlimited overseas and domestic trips for both business trips (maximum stay 90 days) and holidays ( maximum stay 45 days). No more last minute transactions and you have the option to renew it annually. It could save you time and money.

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CHI Travel Insurance for Non Residents

If you are planning a visit to Australia as a Non Resident and are returning to your country of origin then CHI Travel Insurance can help you with their Plan E Non Resident travel Insurance policy. You can purchase this policy if you are spending the majority of your time on your journey in Australia and it also allows you to take a return trip from Australia to other destinations. Unlike other travel insurance policies it definitely covers you for your return trip home.

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CHI Travel Insurance for Australians Already Overseas

CHI Travel Insurance have a policy that helps many Australians who are already overseas looking for comprehensive travel insurance. Your travel insurance might have expired or your travel insurance company does not allow extensions to your  policy. You might also have had your credit card insurance expire or have just forgot to leave Australia with any travel insurance in the first place. Whatever the reason you can now purchase travel insurance whilst you are overseas for the rest of your journey as long as you plan to return home to Australia. There are a few terms and conditions that are unique to this policy so to be sure it might pay to click on the blue detailed quote button above, complete the form and we will email you a quote with all the information you need.

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Need further assistance ?

Travel Insurance Services look forward to assisting you with all Aussietravelcover and CHI Travel Insurance products. You can save 25% on all our premiums whether you purchase from us online or over the phone.

If you have any additional queries you can ask us as part of receiving a detailed quote. You can also contact us on 1300 851 565.

*sub-limits apply. It is important to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions in either the Aussietravelcover Product Disclosure Statement or the CHI Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing.