Pre Existing Medical Coverage

Travel Insurance does not automatically cover your Pre Existing Medical conditions. With both Aussietravelcover and CHI Travel Insurance there are 36 conditions which may be covered with no additional premium payable. If your condition is on this list and has not given rise to your hospitalisation ( including day surgery or emergency department attendance ) in the 18 months prior to the time of the policy being issued you will not be required to give any further information.

Please refer to the Pre Existing Medical Coverage section on pages 24 & 25 of either the Aussietravelcover PDS or the CHI Travel Insurance PDS for further information and the list of automatically covered conditions..

If you have a Pre Existing Medical condition that is not covered the insurer will not pay any claims arising from, to or associated with that condition. This means that you may have to pay for an overseas medical emergency which can be very expensive in some countries.

Pre Existing Medical Coverage Assessment Process

If you would like approval for what is considered to be a Pre Existing Medical condition/s you will need to complete an over the phone medical assessment. Before you make a free call to the relevant medical assessment team you will need to receive a quote and quote reference number from us.

Please follow this simple procedure

  • Click on our detailed quote button above and complete the form
  • Ensure you give us all the information we ask for including your full names, main destination, travelling dates and dates of birth.
  • On receiving your quote reference number from us by email you then contact your insurer of choice and complete an over the phone medical assessment.
  • You will be emailed the assessment results which may include an approval fee. In that email we will also confirm your new total cost inclusive of our online discount.
  • If happy with the final quote you can then contact us on 1300 851 565 to purchase your policy. When a quote has a medical approval attached you are not able to purchase your policy online.

If you have any questions regarding the process of getting Pre Existing medical coverage please call us on 1300 851 565.