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USA Travel Insurance – Save 25%

USA is a fantastic destination and is the second most visited country worldwide. Great cities such as New York, San Francisco and New Orleans combined with natural attractions like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park and the Rocky Mountains create a host of opportunities for your itinerary. Throw in the much visited Disneyland, Hollywood and Las Vegas and you are forgiven if the excitement gets the better of you and travel insurance can become less of a priority. But when visiting the USA your biggest mistake could be not taking out adequate travel insurance.

The importance of taking out adequate travel insurance is paramount when visiting the USA. The health system costs in America are such that without travel insurance even a minor complaint could set you back a hefty bill. In a worst case scenario that involves intensive care hospital and medical costs can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some hospitals may demand a hefty deposit on admittance but if you have your travel insurance policy and emergency assistance card handy then the hospital can verify your medical coverage with your emergency assistance company.

Our two insurers Aussietravelcover and CHI Travel Insurance have USA travel insurance policies that offer a range of options from Top Plus cover to Budget cover. Importantly all options include unlimited Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Expenses but vary and have reduced benefits in other categories of cover.

To compare the benefits of the policies please carefully read the Aussietravelcover Product Disclosure Statement or the CHI Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and click on the relevant quote buttons to obtain your travel insurance quote.