Annual Travel Insurance for Australians

Annual Multi-Journey Travel Insurance may be beneficial to you if you travel regularly. Whether you travel often every year for business or leisure, or just have a few significant trips planned in a twelve month period, a multi-journey or frequent traveller policy could save you heaps of time and money.

An Annual Multi-Journey policy is a twelve month policy that covers you for unlimited international and unlimited domestic trips. As long as your business trips are a maximum of 90 days and your leisure trips are a maximum of 45 days, your policy will cover you worldwide including domestic trips within Australia.

The Annual Travel Insurance policy is available in three plans ranging from the comprehensive Top Plus plan to a Basic cover. Please be careful to compare the benefits of all policies before purchasing your policy.

Annual Multi-Journey and Frequent Traveller

  • Cancellation Cover. The cancellation category benefit limits are renewed each trip. Up until the annual policy expiry date, all future travel arrangements are also covered even when they are beyond the twelve month policy period.
  • Independent Travel. On a family policy Spouses and partners are covered whilst travelling independently of one another in addition to when travelling together.
  • Excess. It is only an extra $26.25 to completely remove the standard $150 excess for the entire twelve months.
  • A little longer? If you have a trip planned that is longer than the maximum 45 day leisure or 90 day business trip duration limits, then you can purchase an additional single trip policy to cover you for the additional days.
  • Dependants. Financially dependent children and grandchildren are covered in the Single adult and Family plans when they are travelling with you on the same itinerary.
  • Policy Renewal. When you current annual policy is close to expiring we will send you a mailed and electronic reminder so that you can easily renew your plan for the next twelve months.

Quoting and Purchasing Tips

  • You can get a multi-journey quote for any destination as the policy always defaults to worldwide cover. When you purchase a policy the highest worldwide cover will appear on your certificate.
  • Input the departure date of your first planned trip. For the return date you must select a date within the 45 days of your departure for the annual policy options to appear. When you purchase the policy the return date will be 12 months from your start date.
  • We sell both Aussietravelcover Multi Journey and CHI Frequent Traveller plans. Both are similar products with only small differences in the benefit limits across the 3 plan options.

Getting a Quote: Receive an instant quote online using the Aussietravelcover Quote and CHI Travel Insurance buttons. Alternatively you can get a Detailed Quote emailed to you by one of our consultants. It will ensure you have all the correct information specific to your policy, a printable plan comparison summary, the latest PDS, and will give you the opportunity to ask us any questions.

Automatic Inclusions

Just like our single trip International plans, the annual policies include unlimited emergency medical cover and 24/7 emergency assistance provided by Allianz Global Assistance. There are a total of 16 categories of cover for International travel. Cruising and Snow sports (off-piste excluded) are automatically included at no extra charge. When you get a quote it lists full details of the cover provided.


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

This is a very important aspect to consider when purchasing your travel insurance. Not all pre-existing medical conditions are covered automatically. You are able to to apply for special pre-existing cover on both the Aussietravelcover Multi Journey and CHI Frequent Traveller plans. Please refer to our pre-existing medical conditions page for more information about the medical assessment procedure.

Need further assistance ?

Travel Insurance Services look forward to assisting you with all Aussietravelcover and CHI Travel Insurance products. You can save 25% on all our premiums whether you purchase from us online or over the phone.

If you have any additional queries you can ask us as part of receiving a detailed quote. You can also contact us on 1300 851 565.

*sub-limits apply. It is important to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions in either the Aussietravelcover Product Disclosure Statement or the CHI Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing.