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Travel Insurance for Australians – Save 25%

Travel Insurance Services recognises the importance of purchasing quality travel insurance before you embark on your journey. Price is important, but it should not come at the expense of reduced travel cover. We can offer you a range of policies to suit all budgets and requirements, giving you the option to choose the travel insurance cover that is right for your trip. All policies purchased from Travel Insurance Services are discounted by 25%.

We sell policies from two Australian owned travel insurance providers that have each been in the marketplace for over 30 years. Their range of products include policies for Australians going overseas, travelling within Australia and even for Australians who are already overseas. We also sell policies for visitors to Australia with Non-Resident travel insurance plans.

When purchasing your travel insurance from us your policy will be confirmed instantly and a policy certificate and policy number will be emailed to you immediately. If time permits before your departure, we will mail you all your documents including a wallet sized emergency assistance card. For those of you already overseas or departing imminently, we will email you the electronic versions of all the necessary documents so that you can keep them with you as you travel.


Getting a Quote:  You can Get A Quote from us which will be emailed to you by one of our consultants. It will ensure you have all the correct information, a printable plan comparison summary, the latest PDS, and will give you the opportunity to ask us any questions.


International Travel Insurance

Wherever you are travelling, maybe sightseeing in America, hunting down a bargain in the markets of Europe, or relaxing on a South Pacific cruise, purchasing appropriate international travel insurance will give you peace of mind and help you if something unfortunate happens. We can help you with single, duo and family policies from our travel insurance providers. 

All international policies offer overseas emergency medical expenses cover plus many other benefits including 24/7 emergency assistance.

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Annual Multi – Journey Travel Insurance

If you are planning multiple trips in the next twelve months, an Annual Multi-Journey policy or Frequent Traveller policy could be worth considering. The annual travel insurance policies cover you for unlimited international and domestic trips and can be for both leisure and business travel. For leisure trips there is a 45 day trip duration limit. For business trips there is 90 a day trip limit. If any one trip is more than the allowed duration limit you can purchase an extra policy for the additional day’s coverage. No need to purchase a policy for every trip. Just purchase one policy and renew annually if you wish. It is that easy!

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Need further assistance?

Travel Insurance Services look forward to assisting you with a range of Travel Insurance products. You can save 25% on all the premiums whether you buy them from online via purchasing links or by contacting us over the phone.

If you have any additional queries you can always ask us as part of receiving a quote. You can also contact us on 1300 851 565.

It is important to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions of the Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing.
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