Domestic Travel Insurance for Travel Within Australia

“Why would I purchase it?” is what many people say. The temptation sometimes is not take out travel insurance when travelling within Australia. Travel Insurance Services have two Domestic Travel Insurance policies you might like to consider. Both Aussietravelcover and CHI Travel Insurance have a top cover and basic cover option domestic policies. The Basic Domestic Policies have a reduced level of cover in certain categories. Below are a few reasons to consider Domestic Travel Insurance.

Cancellation Cover

By purchasing Australian domestic travel insurance you are covered for cancellation fees and lost deposits if you cancel your journey. Sure, a cheap airfare in Australia does not set you back much these days, but a ski holiday, a honeymoon on the islands or a train journey across the Australian continent does. And believe us, we have seen many cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances in the days leading up to the planned departure date.

Luggage and Personal Effects

We would all like to think that luggage or personal belongings do not get stolen or go missing in Australia, but the simple fact is – it happens all too regularly. Purchasing domestic travel insurance may help you at times when your luggage or personal possessions go missing or get stolen.

Rental Vehicle Excess Cover – This is the big one!

Included in the Domestic policies is a level of rental vehicle excess cover.  Aussietravelcover has $4000 rental vehicle excess cover and CHI Travel Insurance has $3000 rental vehicle excess cover on their top policies. You can increase the level of cover with CHI Travel Insurance and both insurer’s have $2000 rental vehicle excess cover on their Basic policies. When you pick up a hire car in Australia you may be asked by the car hire company to pay an extra daily premium to reduce the excess. Your Domestic travel insurance policy can be used for this purpose instead of paying the daily premium to the car hirer.

For a summary of benefits that a Domestic travel insurance policy can offer please click the relevant Product Disclosure Statements links below.

*sub-limits apply. It is important to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions in either the Aussietravelcover Product Disclosure Statement or the CHI Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing.

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